Wednesday, July 28, 2010

No Picture!!!

Hil, Jeff, and Abbey all had wisdom teeth removed yesterday morning. They are doing well. I stopped in last evening and said I should have brought my camera. (What a picture taking opportunity. ) Abbey said no pictures of her chubbycheeks! She didn't want them on facebook or my blog! I was down today and honored her request of no pictures. She is the most swollen, but Hil and Jeff aren't far behind. Jeff said his are better than when he got up this morning after getting moving. They are taking it easy today. (Watching movies and playing guitar hero and an occasional nap.) The girls made it to a friends last evening for a girls night out. Hil thinks she must have talked too much as her jaws are sorer today. I assured her they would have been sore today anyway!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Attic Adventures

Remember the bible I found? A couple weeks ago I headed back to the attic to see if anything was missed. It is totally impossible to see everything. I moved some stuff to the south of the chimney and underneath found some old dishes. I could care less about old dishes... but thought I should take a look. There was an orange pitcher I set out. I couldn't see anthing written on the bottom and didn't notice any chips. Also salt and paper shakers, one of which had been broken. The other was kind of pretty. A poodle that I think may have been a toothpick holder. Some plates and other stuff. I set them out to discover an envelope under them. In it was Grandma and Grandpa Haynes wedding certificate. It is in great shape and has their pictures on it. You can bet what I was interested in! Under it was another envelope with newspaper clippings. It was hot up there, so I took the two envelopes and headed downstairs. The envelope contained some obits of relatives and people around Farnhamville. A week or so later I took a basket to pack breakables in and headed back upstairs. Jennifer had taken the pitcher and poodle. Great. Someone needed them that will appreciate them. I took the other stuff downstairs where the light was better. The plates were chipped and the gold tarnished. I put them in the cupboard. I brought home the pieces pictured and the one salt shaker, and a couple cut glass dishes. They cleaned up pretty well. The ugly green dish is hand painted and numbered on the back. The other is kind of pretty and has a sticker on the back identifying it as Ucagco (or Vcagco) ceramics, Japan. The obits I copied and also mailed to Kent Sandburg. He works on the Sandburg genealogy too. Some of them were of Grandma's step-brothers and listed their children and where they traveled from to attend the funerals. Great information!!! These dishes had to be Grandma's. I don't ever remember seeing them and they were in the box with her wedding certificate.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Greene County Fair

This is where I have spent my time the past two days. Actually part of three days, because Wed. morning we set up to be ready for entries. Thursday entries were accepted from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. I think in our genealogy department there were 68 or maybe a few more. I don't remember the time of the last count. Friday morning was judging. We have a lenient judge, so lots of blue ribbons. It is fun to listen to her comments and learn more about researching in the process. I was very pleased with our "Best Over All" choice. It is a scrapbook that was a gift to the Mother that brought it in for judging (from her daughter). It contains great pictures and etc. from her ancestors. She has used the scrapbook papers and accessories, all blending and matching. Plus she has inserted additional information and etc. on cards, booklets and so forth between the pages, with tabs to pull out for inspection. Besides the genealogical information, it is a work of art. We talked the mother into entering it in her daughter's name, so she didn't even know she had an entry! That is a small town for you! Now I'll go out Sunday afternoon to get the entries ready for pick-up. We were moved from the old building we were in last year, to the 4-H building and air conditioning. We are very thankful for that. More pictures on facebook.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Herky is Growing!

Herky was nowhere to be found when I went down this afternoon to take his picture. He has the run of the yard. Teresa and I went out and looked and didn't see him. Hilary went out and walked round and out came Herky from under the bushes in the backyard. He is definently Hil's duck! He has lots of feathers now, but still has baby duck down on his head. Or is it HER head??? (Or maybe a teenage male) He has lost the yellow and black that lead to his name. He can't fly yet, but likes to try. They took him out to a pond, but he followed them back to the car. Their first attempt to turn him to the wild failed. They checked, but they don't take wild ducks at the Swan Lake petting zoo. Wild??? Maybe when his head feathers come in they will be bright. Wait and see, if he doesn't leave and go his own way first.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fields Cousins Reunion

Saturday evening the Fields Reunion was held in Paton. (Joan and Cari were the instigators of this event way last winter--however neither were in attendance!!!! Have to give them a bad time! And Joan, Ann brought Ostakaka) Nine cousins were in attendance, with seven not attending. One Griffin family represented. Marie Lindgren, Ann's Aunt on the Lindgren side, who has always lived around Paton and knows everyone like family, was included and represented that generation. I thought I would be the only one representing our family, but Michael McCumber came over. He has a conference in Ames today and had flew into Des Moines from Colorado and joined us after driving up to Ames.

Conference Swim Meet

Yesterday afternoon was the conference swim meet. Jeff swam in four events - medlay relay, open free, open breast, and free relay. I missed his first two events. (We met people at the farm to load the used furniture they wanted) The relay was second behind Carroll and he was 4th in the freestyle. I was there to take pictures and see him win the breaststroke. Though it was such a close finish between four of the swimmers we didn't know the victor until it was announced. (He was in the black swim cap on the other side of the guy with the silver cap.) Then the next picture shows him finishing his leg of the relay. He had caught up, almost, but they got second two swimmers later. Again lost to Carroll, who won the meet, with Jefferson second. His family were there to cheer him on. David can't be seen. He's on the other side of Lois.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Lunch Program

The summer lunch program at the school behind us is in full swing. Teresa is in charge and has added Literacy along with lunch. So far I haven't been called to volunteer. I'm a back-up person. The baseball boys took care of the first week and she has many high school youth helping out. A week ago I was over about the end of lunch time and they had served about 110 meals and called that a usual day.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

CR Swimmers

Tuesday we went to Joan's. The girls had a swim meet that evening. They each swam in four events, so we got to see them compete. (Jill in the dark cap, Sadie in the green.)We bummed around on Wed. and met Dan and Nancy in IC for supper. It was kids night at Applebee's so Sadie got her face painted. She didn't get a good chance to see it until they left us off at our motel.