Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weekend is Here!

___Busy end of the week.  During the week we had the tile on the kitchen floor laid.  Grout was put in Friday morning.  It still needs a couple more scrubbings and refrigerator pushed back in place. We need to get a carpet layer to redo the carpet edge and we'll be pretty well done.  Calvin had a track meet Friday in Perry.  We attended part of that.  Then 2 baseball games today.  We had some items to take back to Lowes and saw one baseball game in the rain.  That one they won. (Calvin had a good game.)  We headed home and I attended the survivor recognition at Relay for Life.  Then headed to Mass in Churdan.  Pop skipped out on the races at Boone.  After a track meet last night and a rainy game today, he decided against going.  (The races were rained out, we see on facebook!  They probably got a few in though.  He feels he made the correct decision.)  We ate out a lot this week with the kitchen being worked on.  Afraid I'll have to start cooking again now.  ___

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Baseball in Ames

___The first games of this spring. Also a regular sized diamond, instead of the Little League size of the past years.  They were needing a bigger diamond last year as hitting and throwing harder for the shorter distances.  Plus they have grown in the meantime.  I missed the morning game, but was there for the afternoon game.  They lost both, but were ahead until the last inning in the second game.  They had a couple extra boys play as two of the regulars were absent.  Calvin played 5 different positions in the two games.  I guess he has to be classified as a utility player! 

Track in Jefferson

100 -  Calvin was satisfied with his time.

Improved 16 feet over last meet.

Hanging out with friends.  That is how the most time at a track meet is spent. 

Kitchen Refurbishing


___This past week our kitchen was torn up from Tuesday until Friday.  I am happy to get the sink back especially!  The floor gets new tile on Tuesday, this week.  I think it looks great and much more modern.  The house had been built in the 60's.  ___

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First Track Meet

__Calvin's first discus competition.  He was competitive with the guys his size.  __

                                     ___And he didn't trip on a hurdle.  That was his fear.

__4 x 200 relay __
   Catching his breath after his leg of the relay.  Jefferson boys were 7th over all.  The 7th and 8th were mixed together, so all competed against each other.  He also ran in the 4 x 100 relay, but that is the second to last event and the sun had gone down, so not a good time for pictures.  The lights just aren't bright enough to catch the action.   The next meet is in Jefferson Friday evening.  Rain is forecast!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pictures from Easter Weekend

Friday Dan and Nancy babysit and came over to visit.

This Easter egg turns into a duckling.
Mara decided Pop was ok.
Becca has gotten mobile and gets into Mara's stuff!

Mara liked all the old toys.  These have too small of pieces for Becca!
Earlier at our house on Saturday....Mara wasn't sure if it was golf or softball.  A toy she hadn't found on Friday! 
Calvin and Becca enjoyed each other.
Dan introduced Mara and Bentley.
Chief grill master.
Ready to fill plates.
Hil training Bentley to be a pony and Becca a jockey.
Teresa and Becca getting acquainted.
Joan dishing up the Oreo dessert Jill had made.