Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Early Bird Track Meet

Last night was the first official track meet. Jeff finished with 3 firsts and 1 second. His time in the 100 was 11.77. He'll be keeping track of his time and thinking he should improve each meet. Last night they were running against the wind at the finish line. His team mate, Quinn, got second. The next meet is Friday in Winterset and another one Monday in Panora. I'll see how the weather is and maybe go to Panora. It was cool when the sun went down last night, but much nicer than expected earlier.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Music Program

Thursday evening was the 3rd - 5th Music Program. The first picture is how excited they were listening to the band and waiting their turns. Calvin's group did the "hustle" Their costumes varied. He had fun! It was easy to pick him out of the crowd! (Tights from Abbey, socks from Hil and wig from Jeff, I'm guessing. Older siblings do make a difference) The last picture is when the 5th grade danced to "Funkytown".

Shirley's Ready

Shirley was over last evening to show off her new T-shirt. She ordered it online Monday and received it Wednesday. She is ready for the game!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Science Center

We went with Joan and girls to the Science Center in Des Moines yesterday. We enjoyed the day. We saw the I-Max movie' Hubble' and ate at Spaghetti Works before heading our separate ways.

Grandma's Magic Blanket

Joan and the girls came Sunday to spend a couple days while on their Spring break. Joan said at about Ames, Sadie called dibs on the Magic Blanket. Calvin has credit for naming it. It is just a cotton comforter that has been washed so many times it is sooo soft and cuddly----. Our household was back-up babysitter, when the kids were small. Often that was when they were sick (hence the frequent washing of the blanket). It was used out on the couch for sick kids. One evening, when they came to pick up Calvin he was sleeping, and rather than bundle him into his coat and etc, they just wrapped him in the blanket for the short trip home. A couple days later I stopped at their house and Calvin called down to "Hide the magic blanket!" He didn't want me to notice it and remember to take it home with me. It has been used many times since and when he was small enough, it made the trip back to their home a few times with Calvin bundled up in it. It has become the "Blanket of Choice"!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lunch at Skallas

Hil was home for spring break and Teresa planned lunch today. It was a busy week and she goes back tomorrow. Grandma Lois was able to come also. We had visited at the dodgeball games too. Abbey was able to eat with us, but than headed off to work. I was introduced to Banangrams and Apples to Apples. Both good games. Jeff found success at the track meet last night and is looking forward to the next meets. (And our snow is melting!)

Friday, March 19, 2010

More Dodgeball

The tourney finals were last night. Jeff's team won a couple more and than were beaten. Robbed according to the boys, (and there were a couple controversial calls.) but a good time was had by all. Jeff added a curly wig to his costume last night. Here he is line-judging for a match. They are a competitive bunch. Tonight is the first track meet. It's indoor, which is a good thing, as it is now snowing. If this was the first snowfall of the year, we would think it was great!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Parade

We had to do a little something special to know it is St. Patrick's Day. Pictures of balloons for sale, D.O.T. employees marching and Roxanne campaigning. Dreay to start, but the sun came out later. Lots of people. Des Moines didn't have school today.


Last night was a fun night of dodgeball. There are 23 teams this year in a double elimination tournament. Abbey's are senior girls. Six on a team, and here they have all been taken out, except the last one. They won their first match and lost the next two. (They play the best two out of three games) Jeff's team are junior boys. They lost their first match and won the next, so play again Thursday night. Last year they got it finished in one evening, but with 23 teams, it will take two. Costumes make it even more fun. Note the two teams behind Abbey's group.

St. Pat's Bouquet

These pictures are for you, Marg. Isn't the little "cabbage" flower quite an addition. It looks nice. Also since I had my camera along I took a picture of the foot that Mother thinks is so terrible, awful. It has been a week and 1/2 since she discovered the bruise on the top of her foot that was yellowed when she found it. The Dr. (that she demanded to see) told her it would be just fine and to stay up and keep going. Anyway she took to her bed and tells everyone she has to keep it elevated. The top of her foot looks fine now. I would think she would get tired of staying in bed. (She gets up to the bathroom without any problem, or pain, or limping.) They finally convinced her to go out to the dining room last night, but she wouldn't until she had a wheelchair with a leg extention to keep it elevated! They will try to get her out again tonight. (The 3-11 nurse I visited with tonight said she has been going out to get ice cream in the evenings though)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cookbooks To Go

These cookbooks are on the elimination list. Any takers for some?

Puzzles To Go

The top puzzle is the one I am currently working on. It is tougher than I expected. The first stack, I have finished - they go. They second group, I'll thin out a bit come time for the KC garage sale. (Then I'll have room for more!)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lenten Project

Last year for Lent instead of "Giving up" I tried something new, "Giving Away". I liked it and am doing it again. Last year I concentrated on closets and drawers. This year, after starting on Sadie's drawers at her house, (as I was there at the start of Lent) I got going on the shelves downstairs. I ran across boxes of craft supplies, old workbooks from when I was in school (valuable antiques) and photos and photos and photos and negatives. Some of the boxes were only partly filled, so organization was in order. I didn't start on my own photos, as I have albums of Mom's and a box that was filled. I started making piles for myself, Ruth, Marge and Paul. I soon found I needed a Jerry John pile also. The box and 2 albums are done. Paul stopped down and has part of his. (More to come!) There are more out at LTC from the pictures everyone has given her the past 5 1/2 years too. There are lots of school pictures, Weddings, fishing trips and etc. The ones the folks were given every year..... The older albums I haven't started yet. I already have pictures to incorporate into my genealogy files. The KC Garage Sale, City Wide clean-up and Goodwill are on my list of benefactors. Plus a couple things have already been spoken for. And Joan - I found a picture of the hole in the wall for the phone! Pop has been shredding old tax papers, so he is working on it too. If there are anything special you know of, let me know and I'll look for it.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Extra Picture

There is always something else around that calls for a picture. Now if there would have been a horse or cow in that lot..................... _____________________________________________________________________ I must add Marge's comment, received via e-mail: " No, the picture didn't really need an animal. That was a beautiful photograph! It kind of reminded me of scenes from the series, "Centennial" that I just rewatched on DVD... during the depression on the plains when, in the summer the "dust bowl" wind storms carried the soil away in enormous clouds. There was a lot more in that picture than you think. I remember as an elementary kid playing outside on the school playground, maybe in the early 1950"s when the dirt was still blowing so much that all of us would come inside with dirt caked around our nostrils and eyes. Where did you take that picture? It has a sort of sad beauty with the peeling paint. There is a great deal of history in that one photo! Excellent picture! Love, Marge" ____________________________________________________________________ It was taken at a site of one of the garages near Spencer. I would have taken more but my Driver was ready to go!