Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rams win---Rams 31- Perry 28

___Finally a win!  These boys hadn't won all football season and lost the first basketball game by a bunch.  Tonight we had an evener match in height.  Plus their tallest boy fouled out just before the end of the game.  This helped.  Calvin didn't have any points, but had some great assists and rebounds.  

New Outdoor Nativity

____First Christmas present of the year delivered from New Jersey!  Thank you, Liz and family.  It got set up today, except for the angel.  We're still studying on that.  Jerry cut grooves in 2x4 for the ground, plus a rod behind to keep them in place.  Next the angel, probably on a post and a spotlight!  This completes my collection.  I was needing one for outside!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

 ____We had a quiet day Thanksgiving.  Just taking life easy and preparing for the weekend.  Friday Nancy and Mara stopped to play, eat and get tired so Mara would nap on their way to Des Moines for Disney on Ice.  Their plan worked and Mara napped and later enjoyed the program.  (I'm wondering if Grandma Nancy might be starting a new tradition!)
 _____Saturday we journeyed to Williamsburg.  Dan and Nancy hosted Thanksgiving for the Shermans, plus us.  Joan and girls were able to come down from CR too. Good time, great food and company.  Here Sadie and I are starting a beginner reader!  Becca was all eyes for this book.  You can never start too early!  At 4 months, she was ready to read.
____Sunday Matt, Liz, and family joined us and Teresa's family for lunch and a good visit.  They had returned to Iowa to visit and to be with Liz's family for the first holiday without her Mother.  They sorted through pictures and etc. Liz said they had stuff from grandparents, and aunts an uncles too. Things that need to find a family historian.  Today they are heading for home.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

7th Grade Basketball

  1. ___Tonight was the first game of the season.  We played Nevada in Nevada. Calvin was captain and played most of the time and didn't play the B game.  They lost 9 - 49.  The other team had a size advantage, but we knew that after playing them for football.   It shows up even more on the basketball court.  Our boys played hard the whole game and had some good plays.  It wasn't a good gym for pictures.  Not enough light, or I need to sit down front or something. 
(Update:  The B team lost 2 - 52.  The tall kid in the captain picture play in both games.)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Becca's Baptism

____This is Dan's family. Minus Amos,  he had a work project that was claiming his attention.  Teresa, Nancy's sister (Godmother)  took his place.  Baptism went very well. Becca didn't cry at all.  Did give the Priest a funny look a couple times.  Dan corralled Mara here long enough to get a picture. She does being two, very well!  More pictures on facebook...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Home Again

     We visited CR yesterday and today.  We enjoyed our visit.  School was out early.  Jill went to the Kennedy volleyball game and Sadie had dance after supper.  Kind of a usual night in their household.  We shopped some before returning home. (I should have used flash on the girls picture.  The camera would have had more light for better focus.  I'm learning!)

____Pictured is how Cedar Rapids takes care of their leaves.  People rake them to the curb and they have trucks that vacuum them up.  No fires, no sacking them up, no hauling them away.

Friday, November 4, 2011

More Leaves!

_____The yellow maples turned loose with their leaves today.  Really a pretty fall day today.  Frost this morning and sunshine later, no wind.  Pop is done with jury duty.  Now he doesn't have to call in to serve anymore of the 3 months he was scheduled.  He's happy with that, but feels like he missed some nice days.  Three out of the four days were nice that he was spending time with the jury.  It was a new experience for him and he got to know some new people, as well as getting to know better some he already knew and get to see how the system works. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Youthful Exuberance

___Every year the high school student have taken an afternoon to do community service of leaf raking for those unable to rake their yards themselves. We have many elderly in town that really appreciate this service.   This year they have about 130 yards listed.  Our neighbor's was the 13th yard for this crew. The front yard group were quietly busy.  However the back yard crew were having a great time and enjoying themselves,  but never too busy to pose for pictures!