Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Company

Dan and Nancy stopped on their way home, after spending the night in Carroll following the football game in Perry. Charlie was along. He is a cute little dog, but all puppy. Dan has him retrieving already. But after 3-4 times, he loses interest. Jenni, Tristin and Mara stopped too. Mara loves Charlie. She is walking, but not real steady. They were heading to a Wedding this evening.

Football @ Perry

Our High school boys were defeated last night by Perry, 14-26. Perry is a 3A school, so won't count against our playoff record. Jeff started both offense and defense. He was out briefly with a leg cramp, but back into action after stretching and gatorade (or equivalent). He had some good plays and a couple he will dwell on improving. He had one interception, a great kickoff return, and some good runs and tackles.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pop Scrimmage

Last night was the pop scrimmage. (This used to be the soap scrimmage. Admission is pop or sports drink or water or equivalent now, instead of soap.) They introduced all the players, but no programs. After about 10 numbers to match with boys my mind got bogged down. (I couldn't keep track of 71 boys.) Then they they put black vests over the numbers on part of them. Jeff went back and forth between the red team and the black team. Plus, he played a few different positions, which made it hard to keep track of even him. He has had the same number for the past three years, #2. Some of the boys have the same number and some have switched. The varsity offense only ran 10 plays. Otherwise they were all mixed together. They have one more week of practice before the first game next week at Perry. (Had to include Jeff pointing where to go on defense. Is this what they call "Senior leadership?"

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Spirit Night

Tonight on the square the fall sports teams and cheerleaders were introduced. We missed Abbey, she had been with the cheerleaders the past 4 years! They had new uniforms tonight that looked real nice. All the teams were introduced and stood up in front except for Calvin's 6th grade football boys. They were introduced and kept going----- So he had to stop for a picture when everyone was done. Mean Grandma! Jeff was introduced with the running backs. They introduced everyone in their offensive positions and didn't mention defense. Tomorrow night is the Pop scrimmage. Seventy one boys out for football this year.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Car Show and Sweet Corn Festival

Thursday evening was the "Hot August Nights" car show in which we took part. And was it HOT! ___________ Today we drove down to Adel for their sweet corn festival. There was a huge crowd. We each had an ear of corn. Pop pick up some fresh kettle corn too. There was water over the road going into Adel from the north, so we saw some country we hadn't seen. Plus it was a bit cooler than Thurs night, but still plenty warm.

Monday, August 9, 2010


The farm auction was this morning. We had a good crowd and good interest. Coffee, ice tea and cookies were served and seemed to be appreciated. My prayers were answered. The farm sold for high enough that there left no doubt about selling. Calvin was the youngest present. He had strict orders on being quiet. He had bid at jersey auctions. (Football jerseys auctioned off homecoming week to be worn and returned, for fund raisers for the cheerleaders.) He had his calculator and kept track of things!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

NC Visitors

Tuesday Ruth and Susan arrived in the afternoon on the final leg of their journey across the US. It was about their 18th day of travel and they are headed back to NC after their travels to California. Ruth is proud of the purchase of RED cowboy boots, which she has said she has wanted since she was five years old! After serving an August Iowa supper, steak, corn on the cob, fresh tomatoes and etc, we went down and visited Herky. Herky was ready for attention since Hil has headed back to U of I.

Monday, August 2, 2010

One More Week

Next Monday is the sale for the farm where I grew up. The farm has served it's purpose very well. Mom and Dad purchased it in 1938. They lived there all but the very beginning of their married life. Now it is time to move on. There is lots of speculation on the price it will bring. I just hope it sells. It has been a very wet year, so the ponds are there. It has old buildings, fences and trees that need to be demolished before some of it can be farmed. All that adds to the expense, not the selling price. The buildings aren't designed for the equiptment used today. The fences are in the way of today's farming methods. Paul has been working at getting some of his machinery taken for iron price or up to his place. Next week at this time I hope I can say "Hurrah!"