Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our visit to New Jersey

________On Tues. Aug. 23 we flew to Philadelphia on our trip to visit Matt and family. We had a good flight and got a car rented to head to NJ. We had crossed into NJ, when the car started to bump like you were going over a mass of rumble strips. Jerry thought it was the road, but checked the rear view mirror and everything looked fine. Then it started again and he wondered if something was wrong with the rental car... After that everything was fine. We then stopped for a sandwich to hear they had had an earthquake. Everyone was all excited about it and so we figured out that was what we had felt in the car. Our first earthquake experience. _____We fished and kayaked the next day. (Matt has some of those pictures on his facebook page.) Liz got called to Des Moines as her Mother is seriously ill. When we fished, Matt stayed behind briefly arranging a flight for Liz. Pop had made a $1 offer for the first one to catch a fish. Sarah got right busy and had the first one. Then without Matt there and Liz without her gloves, who would take the fish off the hook? Grandma had no problem, even though it had been a long time since I had taken a fish off a hook. (And I removed a few more)___I also had to try the kayak. What fun. Though needed a hand from Matt to get up and out of it! That was the hardest part! Liz flew out that afternoon. We're glad we got in a little visit before she had to leave. ____Matt took us to the Aquarium in Camden the next day. It was a great place. The kids got to touch sharks and rays, as well as the other exhibits. Theo is the shark fan, but he had watched 'shark week' too many times to be brave enough to touch. He wanted too and gave it a good try, but just didn't get it done. Marty however was ready to jump in with them! Theo did get a ray touched. (But Theo doesn't like to touch fish either) ____I did cook once, since Liz was gone, on the last night we were there. (Besides she had things thawed and was ready to make something!) The girls were good help. They like to cook and were anxious to see how Grandma did it. What Matt had told them held true, "Grandma doesn't always measure!"____We flew out on Friday and beat the hurricane. The flight was full. Lots of people were getting out before the storm. We enjoyed our trip, but it's always good to be home.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Teresa's Partly Empty Nest

_______We''ll not quite empty...  I was down for an errand and noticed Abbey's room. I had to have a picture! It looks like it's a picture from a magazine. Nothing like when it is inhabited! With Abbey's bright colors and the sun streaming in, it looks great. (Teresa had already taken over Hil's room with a couple laundry baskets that were removed before the picture) and Jeff's room was vacant too. Calvin was busy downstairs with HIS new X-box (or whatever). The old one went to college! They will soon be back to visit with tales to tell.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hot August Nights

____Thursday evening was the car show up on the square. It has turned into a 'vehicle' show as motorcycles and scooters had always been included, this year they added tractors. Two hundred five registered in all. Kwanis grilled burgers and etc. Later free watermelon was served by the Fareway store to the big crowd that was on hand. Cars were parked around the square on the inside. They had to start using the outside and later a line-up down the middle. It was a beautiful night. _______Friday we went down and enjoyed the State Fair. We avoided all the political candidates and saw the favorite things we always want to see. (I didn't take my camera. There are lots of fair pictures on the Des Moines Register website.)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

At the Brown's

___Thursday evening after supper we went over to visit the Browns. Joan, Sadie, Abbey, Calvin and Pop hadn't seen Becca yet. Becca was sleeping and stayed asleep even with the change of holders. With both Abbey and Joan on hand it was a wonder Sadie and I got a chance to hold her, but they shared very well. Bubbles kept Calvin busy and Mara had big hugs for him too. Abbey taught her to throw kisses. We finally got a couple peeks of open eyes from Becca, but it was bright out and she wasn't done sleeping. Wonder how she slept that night? ____We were in Glidden in time to let Sadie and Joan get a taste of ice cream. It was strawberry this week. _____Friday it was fix sweetcorn day. Paul's was ready and we went up and picked and my kitchen was the processing plant before Sadie and Joan headed home. _____Pop and I headed to Fort Dodge Car show only to turn around and leave the T-Bucket at home. We were glad we did or it would have been rained on big time. ____Dan and Nancy were here overnight. They floated the river with friends and today had a Sherman get together at Nancy's folks. ______We've been busy!____ That's the way we like it!__