Tuesday, November 20, 2012

8th Grade Basketball

Two wins at Roland last night when Greene county played Roland-Story.  The biggest change was Calvin got contacts!!!!  It has taken awhile for him to get comfortable putting them in and etc., but he's mastered that now.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Branson, MO

We left Tues am and returned Friday evening and had a good trip.  We had gotten a $99 promotion trip, that we signed up for at the state fair in 2011 and hadn't gotten around to use.  We wondered what kind of motel we would have for the 2 nights they paid, but stayed at the Cascade Inn and it was fine.  We purchased a third night with a discount thru the company too.  Tues evening we saw the Hughes Brothers. After eating at the Plantation restaurant and buffet. (on the $30 ticket from the promotion.) 

Made by the fellow in the lounge at breakfast at the motel.  He made lots of different things from his balloons.  Saw  'Six' on Wed. night on the promotion tickets.(We had a choice.)  We saw Yakov Thurs. which was a change of pace, as a comedian instead of music.    Thought about another show Thurs., but opted for the festival of lights instead.  We had toured and shopped in the  mornings. 

One of the many light displays at the Festival of Lights drive through.  The only catch with the promotion was sitting through a sales pitch for a "time share".  That's not what they call it now, but that's what it is.  We knew that going in and can say "NO" plenty easily.  We felt we got a good value from signing up. 
The road home.  This is where we catch 435 through the edge of Kansas City.  Makes our Jefferson overpass look lonesome!

Still need to play with my camera setting a little more, but most of the pictures are passable. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Overpass Now Open

    No more detour to get north of town!!!  Ribbon cutting was at 11:00 this am.  Still a few finishing touches needed. Basic clean-up type things and opening the paving on McKinley Street, which runs underneath.  It's been a fun project to watch and my pictures got put to use.  The new Jefferson newspaper owners printed a leaflet for the opening that was in last week's Bee.  They didn't have pictures during construction (They weren't involved in Jefferson then)and I was ask if they could used some of mine.  They used eight.  Some that I had taken and some that Jerry took.