Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rams vs Kuemper Knights

Some of the upper classmen, that are JV reserves, got to play with the freshmen Friday night.  As a result Calvin played offense, but only a little defense.  He was one of the captains though. 

No completed passes to him this game.

Got in on a little defense. They lost 0-8.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Football Continues

Calvin's team played Ogden Monday evening.  Again the 9th Grade played against older kids as Ogden only has 7 ninth graders out for football.  Those did get to play though.  Not like the last group.  We lost 8 - 30.

Taking in  the play.

Class of 57

The Lohrville High School Class of 57 got together last Saturday afternoon.  It required two pictures. as one person had to leave early and two arrived later.  A good time was had by all.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sept. 16 vs South Central Calhoun

Love it when you can spot Calvin by his socks. 
Monday night they played SCC.  They only had 4 freshmen on their team, all the rest were Juniors and Sophomores.  And their Freshmen played sparingly.  Bigger and more experienced and we lost big time.  Three to ER, including our quarterback. More pictures on Facebook.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Extra Pictures

Pictures by Kevin F. from both games. If you can't see the Number 45 sometimes you can tell by his socks.

That's him on the ground looking for ankles.

Sept. 15 - Baseball

Today he played right, left and third.  The fence is all the way around at this field.  My camera focused on it instead of the players, on shots as far away as first, second and outfield.  They lost 11-12 in the bottom of the last inning.  It makes a big difference on who they have pitching.  Was actually a pretty good game. 

Good observation spot from the dugout.

Fall Baseball

Calvin and his friend, Chase, are playing baseball on Sundays in Fort Dodge.  ICCC supports a fall league, put on by the college baseball  players.  High School players sign up and are assigned to teams.  They then play a different team each week for 6 weeks.  The first game was Sept 8.  Calvin played left, first, second, catcher, and center.  The team won easily. 

After the game after they went through the line shaking hands with their opponents, then they doubled back to give each other high fives.  Neat!  These boys hadn't met before today's game.  They have 5 boys from West Bend, 2 Roland-Story, 2 Laurens Marathon, 2 Eagle Grove, and our 2 Greene County. (5 seniors, 1 junior, 2 sophmores, and 5 freshmen)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Pufferbilly Days Car Show

Ruth and Jim had a good visit.  That is Jim and Judy's red car. 


Some of Paul's babies.
Paul is keeping his little ones safe from this Mama.

One flew over the edge of the tank, so Ruth got a chance to hold one.

Thurs - Fields Porch

Yesterday we went up to Pat's to see the changes they had made to the Century farm.  The porch had been torn off years ago and has now been replaced.  Doesn't it look great!  (An above ground pool is planned to be added where the wheelbarrow is sitting)

Mary, Grandma Fields and Helen.  (front of the original porch)

Helen, Betty, Margaret,  Dad and Dike  (side view of the original porch)  (Dad would be 99, if he were living, so you can tell how old the picture is)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

9th Football vs Perry

# 45   This is the postponed game vs Perry on Labor day.  It was scheduled to be last Friday night before the Varsity game, but was postponed due to over 100 degree weather.  Much better night Monday.

We didn't have programs so here were could know who was who with helmets off.  Still plenty hot for football, but only around 80.  A nice night to sit in the shade and watch.  (Football gear probably not much hotter than catcher gear.)

Game over.  Calvin should have been happy with his playing time.  Only taken out for about 1/2 dozen plays.  No passes got to him in 4 attempts.  Was in on some tackles and forced a fumble, so he had his name announced quite a few times.  They lost, so he'll be critical and thinking what should have been done instead.      Next game - Friday.