Saturday, January 29, 2011

Second Place -6th Grade Rams

___Calvin's team, JS, couldn't handle a taller PV team. They lost to them. Then won a game against NWW and played PV again for the championship. The other team was SCC and PV beat them by more than they beat us. And SCC had beaten NWW too. Our school names are becoming alphabet soup with all the schools joining together and renaming. Prairie Valley, Northwest Webster and South Central Calhoun and us, Jefferson-Scranton!

New "Bird" Feeder

_________For about 2 weeks the squirrels didn't trust this feeder at all. They would climb the clothesline pole and even go out on the arm, but wouldn't drop down to the unstable, swinging bird feeder. Not any more..... but I like watching squirrels too.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Remodeling Start

____The destruction part of our bathroom remodeling has begun. We had already ordered the bathtub and enclosure and new counter top. No longer will we have a blue tub and sink, or white plastic tile all around!! (Or carpet) Now we wait until our carpenter is ready. He is busy with two kitchen remodeling jobs. But we wouldn't want a guy that isn't busy and no one else wants.

Revenge-Boone Swimmers beat Carroll

_____Last Tuesday night at Boone, the Boone swimmers defeated Carroll. Carroll had beaten Boone when they were at Carroll earlier this season. In the first meet, it came down to the final relay. In the meet Tuesday it came down to the 3rd and 4th place finishes in the final relay! Jeff had a couple individual events and one relay that scored points. Both helped contribute to the victory. The coach had mixed her lineup trying to figure out how to score more points and it was successful.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cedar Rapids Swimmers

________Yesterday afternoon Jill and Sadie had a swim meet at Valley West High in West Des Moines. This is the closest meet for us to attend. It was a big meet and stiff competition. They both had good swims. The Olhausens , from here, had grandkids swimming too. The close race pictured is Jill. She is 13 in the 13-14 bracket and Sadie is 9 in the 9-10 group. Both are strong swimmers. (Their name about doesn't fit on their caps!) __________________________________

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Iowa in the Winter

_____It was a pretty day. Snow off and on and it got colder (and the wind picked up a bit). But no school or activities. Travel around town was fine if you took it easy. The news said 10 inches and by the look of the edge of the sidewalk that was about right.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Mexico Company

____New Years Day afternoon, we had Paul, Kris, Marie, Allen, Lisette and Leanna stop by for a visit. Joe came up too for some extra time with Marie and her family, before they headed home. Teresa came over and was able to play with Leanna, as Abbey didn't come over. We had a good visit. It was a first time to see Leanna and Lisette hadn't been here for a couple years. She didn't want to leave. She didn't have enough 'playroom' time to get everything investigated. So she has a great reason to come again!