Saturday, May 28, 2011

Switched From Track to Baseball

_____Thursday evening Calvin played baseball at Grand Junction. They won. Calvin started as catcher and switched to first base when they changed pitchers. Then pitched and later switched to shortstop. Everyone was hitting and it was a fun game to watch. His friend, Logan, has joined his team as he decided not to be on swimteam. They were going to need more players when others leave. Logan had been on the traveling team too. ______Last night the game was against a different Jefferson team in Jefferson at 7:30. It was getting cool to cold! They lost to a better team, 13-9. Calvin caught the whole game. It's was the first game he has played the same position for the whole game. He got along pretty well, but found out he wasn't suppose to talk to the batters. (The other coach complained.) Only chatter, no personal comments. Hard for him to do when they were his buddies. (I did see him congratulate an opponent when he crossed the plate after a home run!)

Monday, May 23, 2011


_________A busy weekend---and a fun time. Saturday's State Track turned to disappointment when the third runner left to soon and the Shuttle Hurdle team was disqualified. Jeff had a good start and Darin increased the lead to no avail. (Except they could feel good about their part.) They had the fastest qualifying time and had a good chance at the championship. And besides their one day state record was beaten by .06 seconds. It will still be the school record though. Jeff placed 8th in 2A for 100 meters. (That is the T-shirt quilt Teresa made in the background. She has another started with State track T-shirts.) ________Sunday 9 - 12 was Jeff's graduation party. Pancakes, sausage, fruit and drinks were on the menu. 291 were served. It was very good and a good time visiting with everyone. ________At 2 was graduation. All went well. Now Abbey--help edit this and get the backgound more acceptable. It was at the wrong angle. I know you can do it!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Hurdlers

__Another busy day at the State Track Meet today (weather permitting). Jeff will run at 2:00 in the 4 x 400. The winning shuttle hurdle relay team and coach are pictured. Also the results from yesterday, as posted on cable. Also these three faithful fans are enjoying the day.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baseball and Awards Night

We started out watching Calvin's baseball game. He played shortstop and catcher. He batted twice and scored 2 runs, while we were there. Then we were off to awards night, where the only thing Jeff received was a Grand View Scholarship, which he won't use. (He hadn't turned in his Drake awards) The gold cords for academic achievement, which he received, were handed out. I was wishing I had kept track of the percentage of scholarships that went to the people without the gold cords. Personally I would have more confidence in the gold cord receivers doing well in college. But maybe they chose the ones they considered needier. Which brings up another question. Are the poorer students from poorer families? Even in our small community, without slums and etc., where the same education is available to all?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Senior Mass

____Graduates were honored at Mass Sunday. Jeff had also been honored at Mass the week before in Scranton. He ushered and Teresa was Eucharistic minister. The Junior parents hosted a breakfast for the seniors and families after Mass.

Ram Boys State Track Quailfiers

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Royal Wedding

_________________________Isn't this just too funny!_______________________

Waiting for Results

___Last night in rainy, stormy weather, the District track meet was held. It was fairly decent at the beginning. A bit windy, but that was mild compared to what we had coming. The shuttle hurdle relay was first, so will go to state without question. Jeff's other 3 event were second. So by tonight it should be figured out if any go to state. He should have a good chance, but times from the other meets is what makes the difference and most probably had better weather. You can see from the picture how close he was in the 100. Update: Jeff qualified for state in 4 events: 100, 200, Shuttle Hurdle Relay and 4 x 400.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

HOIC meet

__Last night was the Heart of Iowa Conference track meet. Rams won! Beautiful night. Calvin's baseball game was canceled, so he got to go too. We didn't plan to go and then at the last minute Pop said, "Can you be ready in 10 minutes? Lets go." We just missed his first event the 100 (second) and were there to see the 200 (second) the 4 x 100,( about 4th, I think) and the 4 x 400, which they won! When I was up taking the picture a guy standing there said that the kid with the shaved head and the long pants would win. I told him to cheer for the kid in the red shoes. He said after, that was the closest race he had seen him in this year. (I think he was cheering for the kid in the red shoes at the finish after all! His son's friend was one of the other runners.)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Not Sharing

_________We are trying to keep the deer out of our garden. Jerry advertised and found a used dog pen that has become our garden fence. It is 6 feet tall, so should do the trick. We'll see how it works. Tomorrow we plan to plant tomatoes. The lettuce, radishes and onions are in. The buckets pictured are just for measuring the room we need for tomatoes. We may have a little room for something else too.

AT Ballard and Ames

____Track was in Huxley on Thursday. Three firsts and a fourth. Shuttle hurdle relay, 100, 200, and 4 x 100 (4th). Calvin had a baseball game in Jefferson Friday night. (Little league equivalent) He had to sit out the first inning. He had only been to 2 of their practice, as busy with track meets and CCD one night. Then played shortstop and first base the rest of the game and had some really good plays. Saturday he had two games in Ames with the traveling team. They won over Ames and lost to Newton. He played five different positions. Where he plays depends on who pitches and who sits out. 1st, 3rd, short, and right and left fields. Some of the boys only play one position or just a couple and Calvin fills in whereever. He likes the variety. This week both LL games are on nights of track meets, so that presented a dilemma. That team needs him and he has decided to skip the conference track meet Monday and play ball and go the the district meet Friday. ( He gave Teresa orders on how to tape the races!!!) Track will soon be over. District determines who goes to state the following weekend.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ogden Relays

_____Jeff didn't run in the Shuttle Hurdle Relay. He ran the open 100, open 2oo, and 4 x 100 and 4 x 400 relays. Three firsts and one second in the 4 x 100. The thermometer said 60 degrees, when we got to the car after the meet, but it sure didn't feel that warm! Our boys won the meet and the girls were second.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pictures from Drake

_____Teresa took my camera... She got a good start of the race, but than lost out. (She gets too exited watching and cheering.) (Plus not familiar with my camera.) Calvin did well with the camcorder, so I got to see the race and so will David, as he was busy farming and didn't attend. Jeff had a personal best with his split of 14.3. They missed the finals by .01 seconds at 59.14. They only took four teams and we were fifth. But this was all sizes of schools together, so that was really good for us. (They were beaten in their heat by the team that won overall.)