Sunday, June 28, 2015

St. Anthony School of Nursing Alumni

5 from the Class of 1960.  Me , Margaret, Bertha, Phyllis and Mary Jo.

A few I can name and many I can't

Had a gal used my camera and she took two shots to get the group all in.  There had been a big write up in the Carroll paper this week about our School and they wanted a picture of the attendees, hence they tried to get everyone lined up.  (A very independent group and what a bunch of characters.)  OH, the tales they can tell!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Baseball Continues

Heading for 2nd @ NP

vs SE Valley

vs CMB
It's a hit!

Fans.  Teresa and Dave with their higher chairs to see over the fence.


At Duluth Trading Company in Ankeny

Monday, June 15, 2015

Williamsburg, St. Mary's Church

Recently repainted.  Dan was pretty much in charge of the hiring and supervising of the project. 

The pictures don't due justice.  The gold really sets it off.


Many stained glass windows and I love stained glass!

Choir loft and you can see the ornate designs in the ceiling corners.

The outside was recently refurbished too.

Busy Saturday

Gathering for the Bell tower Parade.  Skallas and friends.
Ward in the middle.  His yard is a perfect spot and he holds an annual party!  The boys had two 3 on 3 basketball teams that played in the afternoon. No, they didn't have to play each other!  (More parade pictures on facebook!)

On to CR for Jill's High School graduation Party.

Awards, with the ribbons, she wore on her robe.

Teresa and the girls furnished and helped get a few things ready.

Joan had favorite treats that Grandparents had fixed or furnished through the years.  She had the hardest time on mine as I varied.

A couple favorite pictures on display.

a few Wagemesters

a few Deluherys

The sign-in board.

Friend's card game.  (Swimmers that played lots of games waiting for events at meets.)

And even a picture of me with the honoree and her parents. 

Monday, June 8, 2015

And More Baseball

At North Polk,  Calvin on his way to third

Now ready to head home.

Pop tried out my camera.....

Ready to head for second again.  Tied 5-5 when time ran out.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Start of third game. At home vs South Hamilton.  # 27 this year, same as last year.

National anthem before varsity game.  (Doesn't look little out there anymore!)

6-3 vs Nevada,  Hard catch, but he got it!

Won 4th game of 4, all by the 10 run rule,

Chase always gets dirtiest!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Preserving Our Past

Terry had prepared a great program on preserving our past.  She started with a video presentation with lots of ideas.

Arlene, Valerie and I showed samples of GC Fair entries and how these are a great help in sharing and saving genealogy stories.

Jane, our librarian, had helpful books to recommend.

Terri had many things she had made.

Great way to display Grandma's table service.  Terri had made one for each of her daughters.

Ada's display of Iowa cemeteries of some of her family.

Great examples!  Now for everyone to get to work.