Thursday, June 27, 2013

Baseball Last and This Week

   Baseball: four games last week, but today was the first and only day to play this week.  Rain, rain and sprinkles during today's game.  Maybe this video will work and maybe not.  My desk computer is old and won't handle videos, and my video camera won't link to my ipad. So I tried videos with my camera and that linked to my ipad fine.  It posted to facebook fine, but wouldn't post to my blog... So after emailing it to me, I put it on here. I probably won't be able to check it until I get back on my ipad????  I need a computer geek! 
   They won both games at Nevada today. Calvin caught the first game and played second, short and centerfield the next game. (And warmed up for third a bit before he sent another fellow in for third and switched Calvin to short.)  Two games next week and that is it for this year. 

(I'm back.  I could open this on my computer, but not my ipad???  Different systems probably and short enough the old computer could handle it maybe.)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Once an inspector, always an inspector!  Yesterday afternoon Jerry decided it would be a nice day to check out this new bridge in Des Moines.  We had been to a baseball game mid morning and it was a beautiful day!  I wanted to take my ipad and video camera to the Apple store to find out how to transfer videos and he wanted to check out the bridge.  No luck with my combination, but a great bridge.  It's a walking/bicycling bridge over the river, just east of the Wells Fargo Events Center.  It is divided and you can walk on either side.  (More baseball today and again tomorrow.) 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Friday Baseball @ Ogden

Calvin started as second baseman.  (This is where he finished last game, when the sub catcher got to play.  Both teams in red shirts and gray pants at Gilbert Thurs.)

 At Ogden,  after an inning on the bench he played shortstop the third inning.   ( With 13 players all need some bench time.)  Only one game at Ogden Friday.

The following inning it was third base. He had played everywhere last year, so no problem.  He likes baseball and knows the game.

He caught the remainder of the game.  They won by one.  He only batted twice, as the order was switched around to get more at bats for some.  He hit a long fly and brought in the last run.
Here he is greeting an opponent, that is a friend, that he plays Xbox on line against. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Greene County Schools 8th Grade Baseball

Different shirt, same position, same number, some of the same teammates and a few new ones started the season of the school team.  Lost the first game and won the second.
One hit today, but after I went to play bridge.  Many more games to follow. 

A beautiful day for baseball.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sadie's Dance Recital

First number -  front row, center.

We were up in the balcony.  That is why she is looking down.

Second number - Little Red Ridinghood

Collecting goodies from her fans.

Joan, Jill, Joyce (Michael's Mom) Maddie, (Sadie's friend) Sadie, Ann, (My cousin and longtime dance fan, as her daughter danced 15 years), Jim (hiding) Teresa and I
Sadie, Jill, Maddie

CR Doubletree Inn

After touring the farmer's market, we went to the open house of the new Doubletree Inn and Convention Center.  Nice all around.  Great view.

Pop checked prices, of course.
Where the events are to be held.  Concerts, volleyball tourney and etc.

Everything new for the refurnished events center.  (From the flood of 2008)

Joan wondered who would dust these shelves.

Sadie wanted to check out the river.