Wednesday, May 28, 2014

JV Baseball

First game of the season.  (JV)  Calvin played center field for the whole game.
Lost 7-8.  Our 7 runs were all in the final inning.  Calvin had a nice hit with 2 RBIs and scored.

Monday, May 26, 2014

BV Graduate = Abbey

Jerry and I didn't go to the Graduation Ceremony.  Teresa thought this was a picture from Hil's phone.  (T forgot her camera)
I watched aWedding photographer take photos while we were waiting for the others to arrive.  I think they must have been plotting disaster.  The guys were standing on a slope. A video would have made utube if they hadn't caught her.  The little ringbear seemed most concerned. 

Ate at Regatta Grill.

Yes, he had seconds!

Everyone had a hole in one except Jeff and Nate.  Dave had two.  But Jeff won overall.
More photos on facebook.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Joan's New Kitchen

New cabinets, new flooring, new paint, new microwave, new stove, new refrigerator, new countertop, new dishwasher, new faucets, and new space where the buffet had been on the wall behind the camera.  There is more space, as everything has not been returned to the cupboards.  Maybe blinds or window treatments later and phone table on opposite wall, to come. Also a clock above the sink, that the perfect one hasn't been found yet.  And Jill fixing something to eat before going to work.  (The wastebasket actually goes under the counter beside Jill)