Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Morning

It was a pretty morning.  It warmed up and was sunny enough during the day to melt the snow on the streets. 

More CR

Sadie had dance Wednesday evening.  We got to see the new studio.
Jill used fingernail polish and redecorated her phone case.  It was popular with her friends.  They didn't believe she had done it herself.  (I wonder how many tried it with their phone cases?)
Jill had received The Big Bang Theory trivia game for her birthday.  We tried it out.  It was fun, but we weren't very good on some little details. 
We got good at " rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock" though. 

Back From CR

___We returned home from Joan's yesterday, before the rain turned to snow. We stayed with the girls while they vacationed in Cabo.  We arrived Sunday afternoon and met the girls returning from their Aunt Jeans.  We headed for IC and met Hil, Dan & Nancy for supper at Applebees.  A good time....
Monday evening Sadie taught me to play Chicken Foot.  I goofed and called it "turkeyfoot'  and they didn't let me forget it. 
Jill enjoys cooking and made some Whoopie pies"

Sunday, February 5, 2012

After Season Tourney

 ___Saturday was a snowy day in the morning. Seven boys (part of the team that had played 7th grade ball) had afternoon games. They were to have 3 games, but one team chose to forfeit due to weather. (They had deeper snow than our 3 inches.)  So we played one game and the second team, a game and 1/2.  No wins, but the last game was closer.  More pictures on facebook.