Monday, September 27, 2010

6th Grade Football

Late Sunday afternoon Calvin's team lost to Dallas Center- Grimes. It was their first game of the year. They had some good plays, but the other team did better. Calvin played a few positions. Half back, quarterback, end and middle linebacker. He had a great catch, of a long pass, and gained some more yardage after spinning out of a couple tackles, for the best gain of the night. He is Number 2 also. He had Jeff's hand warmer, even though it was a nice night. (Don't try to figure out 11 year olds.) It did make him easier to spot on the field!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Homecoming Coronation

This afternoon was the coronation for Homecoming King and Queen. The honors went to Shanice Blair and Josh Kennedy. The other four boys are too concerned with football to care and would have divided their votes. Jeff should feel honored to have been chosen. ________________ They lost the Friday night football game 8-16. The breaks just didn't go their way. They had chances that just didn't develop. Now it is homecoming week. The new principal's bribery didn't work. He had promised 5 ice cream cones to each student, if the school and teachers didn't get teepeed. The only teepeeing I saw today were trees at the school!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rams Win!

___ Our Rams played at Mapleton last night. They had their first win of the year. 25 - 0 Jeff was captain again and had a real good game. He had one touchdown and was leading rusher. Caught a pass and another very long one, but had to step out of bounds to get it. But that will give him confidence on the next long one that he has to sprint to get. He was always lining up in a different spot. Jerry listened to the game from home and even the announcers were commenting on that. After the win the team sings the school song to the crowd. Jeff has a good voice that he doesn't use very often. It was good to hear him.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

JSPC vs SCC and BVU Visit

Jeff's team played at home Friday night and lost 7 - 14. Three of the varsity players were suspended from the game for problems before practice last week. I think we could have won with them playing. (All 3 were wrestlers and would have been helpful pulling down the other team's big running back.) Jeff had a 95 yard touchdown run in the 2nd quarter on a kickoff return. He and Darrin faked a perfect reverse! I would have had a picture, but the whole stands were standing! It was drizzling rain most of the game. We lost our quarterback to a fractured clavicle in the 4th quarter. Joan and the girls got to the game just in time to see Jeff's touchdown. I'm anxious to see the tape of the game. ___________________On Saturday I went to Storm Lake with Joan and the girls to visit Abbey at college. The BV cheerleaders didn't go to the out of town game. (The college had lost one of their vans to haul them and it hasn't been replaced.) Abbey showed us around her dorm. We went out for lunch and than toured around the campus. Great place.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Football - Gilbert @ JSPC

Last night was the first home game. It was against Gilbert, whom we had lost to the past two years. Now it is three years. Jeff was one of the captains. They had a pretty even game until a couple turnovers near the end that turned the score around. The plan was for Jeff to just play defense, as he has a deep bruise on his right thigh from last weeks game. He was safety last night. He is comfortable in that position, but did play one series of offense where he carried once and caught a pass for gains both times. He had one kickoff return and the next one he had the catch and they did a reverse and Darrin had a great yardage gain before being forced out of bounds on the 3. (That was than a failed attempt, after a turnover) The coach shown here is Bill Kibby. He and Pop were classmates back in Lohrville, more than a few years ago! This game doesn't count toward the playoffs yet, but the rest of them do, and there are some tough teams coming up.