Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Ready, shade and breeze

going to stand right where planned

Lily and Landry getting restless

flower girls making their escape.  (Until Joan corralled Lily and Landry got by her Mother

tree planting - -( no unity candle or sand for these two)

                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Nate Tobey

Monday, August 3, 2015

While the Photographer had Them Posing

Time for Nate's first peek

Nate's Sister and Brother

better picture on facebook

Getting Ready

Getting ready for the reception at the ISU alumni center.  Staff had tables and chairs up with the covers and sashes in place when we arrived.  So we got busy putting centerpieces on.

Pam delivered the cupcakes.

Now for hair....

Pin from the center of a broach of Great Grandma Phoebe's.  (That she had given Teresa long, long ago.)  "something old"

Hanna Jo busy with her laptop correcting an omission in the tape that was to be play at the reception.

"Hilary, You are beautiful!"  (tears)

But she wouldn't let me get a shot of her undies, that were a bright pink.  She counted layers in the dress and they covered just fine. Didn't have to send anyone for replacement.   Now ready for pictures!


Gathering for wedding rehearsal.  (I don't think Nic, David and Calvin dressed alike on purpose.  Probably didn't even notice.)

Line up, reverse order,- - - -

Elena had the hardest job, keeping a 2 1/2 and 3 year old on task.  (They did great.)

"and I, Hilary, promise to be your slave for life,  Oh, that's not included!"

Game resumed and getting more challenging

Dan, this is the pvc pipe/freezebee game Joan was telling you about. I don't know how it is scored. A point for hitting the pole and so much if the bottle hit the ground.  (Hil had trouble hitting the pole, but was quick catching the falling bottle.)

New game and Jack is ready for it to crash already.  People getting aquainted and enjoying the summer evening.