Friday, January 31, 2014

BB - North Polk @ Rippey

9th Grade boys basketball vs North Polk @ Rippey.  Old, musty, smelling, gym.  Calvin lasted without his asthma kicking in.  The boys lost, but was a competitive game.

Played with camera settings, higher ISO and shutter speeds. Too grainy for my liking, but stopped the action.  (Thomas isn't worried about his shirt tail out. They are all supposed to be in.)

Tucks in his shirt every chance he gets......

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Basketball vs South Hamilton

Last night was a make-up game, so it was played at the Rec Center.  (The gym had a Varsity game scheduled.)

Here Tom is trying to get all on the same page.  Calvin's role changes with whomever is in the game.  Tom played him that way in baseball too.  The tables turned in the second half.  We had a good start, but the other team got shooting better later in the game. 

Here Calvin is getting one of his 14 points for the  night. Tomorrow night they play at Rippey.  They have had two other games scheduled there that were snowed out already this season.  Possibility on snow is predicted....

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

BB Gilbert @ Jefferson

Back in action.  One of last weeks games was canceled due to weather.  Weather was moving in again last night.  Hil and Nate were planning on leaving for Cedar Falls after the game but waited until morning, as slick and blowing snow here and there and in between .  This shows the start of the second half.  Calvin (32) was ready to get going. Looks like he and his coach had the same plan.  Anyway, both pointing the same direction.  Our team was soundly defeated, as they were when these two teams played before Christmas.
Almost the end of the game.  Guess he gave up keeping his shirt tucked in.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Basketball 2014

Basketball @ Saydel.  Starting the new year.

Going back in after sitting out a bit with 3 fouls. 

Another win.  A close game, but lead all the way.

We didn't shot ANY frees the whole game.  Apparently they didn't foul us when shooting?

Friday, January 10, 2014

More Family Pictures

These were taken Christmas, when Hil was home and we were at Skallas.

 Bentley's eyes were darkened after I got my Adobe Photoshop elements

Nate came with Hil to enjoy our get together