Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Old House

Our old house is getting a facelift. They are putting on vinyl siding. It won't be recognizable. It is looking good. I needed some pictures for you so you can identify it. They are doing the garage and building also. That is Dan's tree at the edge of the first picture. The one that he was just a little guy when it was planted and he was going to grow as fast as the tree. For a few years he did!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pride - Fall

The Rams Relays were last evening. It was a great night to be at the track. Nice and no wind! Jeff had stiff competition in the 100 and won! The boy from Carroll and another from Boone both had better times and records and Jeff pulled out a victory. But defeat followed in the next race. In the 4 x 200 he dropped the baton and as he was picking it up got plowed into by a later runner. He finished his leg of the relay with a skinned up left arm and shoulder, but the team was disqualified. The coaches pulled Kurt, the anchor, and he ran in the open 200 instead and won, so made up for the lost team points. The boys went on to win both the 4 x 100 and the 4 x 400, Jeff's later races. So, all in all, a good night and no permanent injuries.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Prom tonight! These pictures are from the Grand March. Abbey and Tyler and Jeff and Erin. Abbey was early in the line, when we still had decent light. I needed flash for Jeff. The march is between the banquet and the dance. Than they have an after Prom party until 3:00 am.

Track @ Creston

Last night the meet was in Creston. Dave was busy in the fields, so had to miss going. I went down with Teresa, Calvin and his buddy, Logan. Jeff placed 1st in the 100 @ 11.2.The 4 x 100 was first and I think the 4 x 200 was too. He got 3rd in the 200, but the coaches didn't agree and thought it should have been second. The same 4 boys run both relays. Jeff has the second leg of the relays. Quinn gets a good start and by the time Jeff hands off they are usually leading. Darrin lengthens the lead and Kurt has a strong finish. We should have counted deer on the ride home. I think we saw between 15-20 along the road 2-3 at a time.

Winding Down

Monday evening after eating, Ruth, Len, Stacey, Scott and Jackson stopped down the get pictures and etc., that I had sorted out to take back with them. Jackson kept busy with the many toys we have on hand here. Scott and Ruth helped him build. I had to include the photo of Ruth lounging in the background. Here she has her foot up, getting in practice for her broken leg a couple days later! Little did she know.................

Monday, April 12, 2010

A Great Service

Time to relax after a visitation last evening and funeral today. Family members, friends and neighbors gathered to pay our respects to Mom. It was good to see everyone and many from out of state, that we don't see often, were able to attend also. Mom had a first cousin that was able to come. I had forgotten that she was of the same generation as Mom. (She is the last one) She is 90 and was able to come from Wisconsin. We put some of Mom's knitted items on display along with an assortment of pictures. (I tried to include everyone, but I missed getting a picture of our daughter, Teresa, in the display. Sorry, Teresa. I hope she is as understanding as she seemed.) I think Mom would have been very pleased with the service!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Funeral Monday

Yesterday was the day. Grandma Phoebe gave up the fight. She was ready.... She had been the last of her generation. She slipped away peacefully in her sleep. At 95, who could ask for anything more. Now we are patiently waiting for family to arrive for services on Sunday evening and Monday morning. (This picture was about 1 1/2 years ago. Looking back you can really see the changes in that time.)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Track @ Panorama

___It was a cool night. Jeff ran hurdles for the second time. Do to an injured runner and another on a school trip, they have been short people for the shuttle hurdle relay and other positions. Jeff ran last Friday and while his time was good, he saidh is form is bad. The down side was, he didn't get to run his open 100. But the things he ran - the 4 x 100, 4 x 200, 200 and hurdle relay all placed first. (I thought if I want a picture of him doing hurdles, I had better get one last night)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


. We headed over to Dan & Nancy's for Easter dinner. Jenni, Tristin, Mara, Courtney, and Amos were all there too. I hadn't seen these puffs for babies before. They are instead of the cheerios we used to give little ones. They dissolve easier and are flavored. And Jenni says, "Higher priced!" We had a great meal. Dan had ham and turkey on the grill. Nancy took care of the rest and everyone brought things. It was great to see the kids and how Mara had grown. She is 9 months now. She has two teeth and is starting to crawl. She is very slow and deliberate with her crawling, but ready to take off, as she notices everything.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Water Needed

Yesterday these were beautiful! Today they were dry. (I should have checked them yesterday.) But I had my camera there today, so took pictures anyway. Mom was "eating" lunch in her room. She let them wash her today, but refused to let them dress her. She had fixed her tea and drank a bit, buttered her bread and eaten a couple bites. I got her some beef and noodles from the kitchen, but she took one bite and spit them back out. "They are just terrible" (I had tasted them and they were fine.) I watered the plant (4 glasses) and by the time Mom got to the bathroom and back they were starting to perk up a bit. She seem perkier than yesterday. She had 1/2 a pain pill last night and at 6:00 this a.m., but refused any at 10:00. "They don't help at all!"( She would be zonked if she took more anyway.) She knows Ruth plans to come next week and Marg the end of June. Very crabby and negative to any encouragement. Complains of how terrible her leg is and how she HAS to keep it up in bed. "The chair isn't high enough" It shows no bruising anymore. She wanted help to the bathroom, but by only holding her pj's, she did just fine. Then before she got back into bed stood on one foot and used the other to fold up her walker. No balance, limping or strength problems at all, but I warned her of the danger and was told that I didn't know anything about it. So continues the care of the elderly. (Can you tell from the pictures of the flowers, the before and after water, in about 10 minutes? They should come up to full beauty soon)