Monday, May 13, 2013

Good Move

After shaking hands with the other team Calvin and Dylan went over to shake hands with the umps.  The other team than came over too.  Calvin chats with the behind the plate ump during the game.  Reminds me of his Aunt.  (Besides these guys will probably we working more games this spring.  Good to get on their good side!)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Almost Baseball Weather

Two baseball games this morning.  Plenty cold for baseball, but the sun came out.  Now if the wind would have let up----  They won the second game.  I'm not sure about the first game. Our boys were ahead, but I think they lost.  The other team got some runs the last inning but I don't know it they caught up.  No score board.  Calvin caught both.

He had some good at bats.  Hits, RBIs, put out that advanced the runners and etc.  The wind made for some tough fielding.  More to our advantage, as we had the ball in play more. 
They had a couple regular players missing, but picked up one that had been busy with a basketball league earlier. These boys have really grown since last season.