Saturday, April 30, 2011

Drake Relays Update

________ Missed making the finals by .01 second. (That time is getting Jeff. That is how much he missed going to state in swimming) They ran in 59.14. They had had better times by a bit. Jeff's split was 14.3, a personal best, so he should be pleased. Now they need to learn to run in decent weather! They aren't used to that!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Track @ Boone

_______Fairly decent weather for a track meet compared to the past couple weeks. Of course we had wind, but at least didn't need our heaviest winter coats! Jeff's events included the shuttle hurdle relay (won), 400 (won) I put on 2 pictures, so you could see his competition and how he turned on the speed. And 400 (2nd) and later the 4 x 100 where they placed 3rd and lost the meet by 2 points. Which against Webster City, Denison, Boone, and Kuemper was ok.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Farm

_________And "the farm" is what is left...... Everything has been cleared. The ground is ready to work to plant. I'm afraid they will be fighting tree roots for some time and I hate to think of the cost of all that has been done. It is as it should be. Progress.... All fences and lanes are no more. The drive way is the only way to tell of where the farmstead stood. (And a couple boxes for electric connection) Large equipment can now be used. It will be interesting to see how good of crop they will get. (Two views from the driveway and one from the north property line.)

Happy Easter

Friday, April 22, 2011

Track @ Carroll

______Last night, in the cold damp weather, was another track meet. They had changed around the order a bit. Instead of running the shuttle hurdle relay, Jeff ran in the 4 x 200. He also ran the 200 and 100 open. So missed running the 400. Anyway they won the meet. The coach is switching around trying to decide how to go in the conference and district tourneys. Jeff had 3 firsts and a second in the 4 x 100. That's the race he keeps not winning. I wish that would be the one the coach would replace him.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ram Relays

___Last night was cold and damp, almost worse than when they canceled the Rams Early Bird Relays, but we had a track meet. It wasn't the best night for pictures with all the moisture in the air but I snapped away anyway. Jeff started off the Shuttle Hurdle relay. (The last two meets they have been in a different order so Jeff and Caleb are against the wind. Tommy is so light he can really sail with the wind at his back and wouldn't get anywhere against the wind!) They won and set new records. Then Jeff ran the 100 and had a personal best. Next the 400 and another personal best. Those 3 events are one after another, so when it is a girl/boy meet he can run all 3, but when it is boys only meet he hasn't been running the 100 and runs the 200 instead. Right now he has the team's best in all three. Then he anchored the 4 x 100 relay, which placed third last night. The goal is to run in the state meet. Our district is in Ida Grove which looks like a good place for our team. You can follow times and standings on Quik Stats, which you can get on from the Iowa High School Athletic Association website. We are Heart of Iowa Conference (Large) and District 2A-07. You have to win at district to go to state or have best times compared to the other districts. I don't know how many they take per event.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bathroom Curtain

______I had a routine Appointment in Ames today. (I'm in good health) and found a curtain for the bathroom. I had gotten a sample of material for a possibility, before I found these at Penneys. I wanted something light, that blended and wasn't over whelming. I'm satisfied, so guess that is what counts.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Track @ PV

___It was windy and got plenty cool last night at Gowrie for the track meet. We didn't stick around for the finals. Jefferson was ahead when last announced, but had no score for the 4 x 100 (baton drop as pictured) or probably the following 4 x 400. There was a 3 way tie for second then, so if one team won or placed well in both, they could have won. They won their Shuttle hurdle relay. Jeff placed 2nd in both the 200 and 400 by 100ths of seconds. Next meet is Friday in Creston. (but weather sounds like it may not cooperate)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nice Day for a Walk

The temperature was near 80 with enough breeze to feel good. Just had to go for a walk around the neighborhood and of course take my camera. My destination was Arlene's. I knew her daffodils were out. Then I spotted Calvin helping Logan put up the net around the trampoline. Rose's were the only tulips I noticed. Than a cat that was trapped indoors with two outside to torment him. Of course there were some robins too. And Pauline caught me to let me know her meds were doing better. (Once a nurse, always a nurse and people with questions. She had stopped me on an earlier walk)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Busy Saturday

___Calvin had a baseball game at 2 in Ames vs Nevada. We went over early enough to shop some. I got rugs for the bathroom and we took a couple things back to Lowe's. Calvin's team came from behind 13 points to win. He played 3rd base, right field, and center field. He struck out, walked and hit a triple. He had another game at 6, but we came home. ( follow up- Calvin reported they won the second game too. He played first base and had another hit to the fence.) I took pictures at the Prom Grand March and Pop went to the races in Boone.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4 Events-4 First Places

__Track meet at Panora tonight. It was a nice night. Much better than last night, when it was postponed until tonight. Jeff competed in 4 events and they placed first in all 4 that he was in. His first event was the Shuttle Hurdle relay. This is the first year he has ran hurdles. (Once last year he subbed at a meet) Usually not something kids start as seniors, but we have a couple real good hurdlers and they put Jeff and Darin Newell (his first year to run hurdles too) in to complete the relay team. It was effective, as they set a new meet record tonight. Then he ran the 100 and won. Next was the 400 which he won and set another meet record. After 3 events in a row, he had a break until the 4 x 100 which they won also. It was getting dark by then... hence the blurry picture. He ran the 200 0pen at Friday nights meet, so he wouldn't have 3 in a row. But tonight it was a girl/boy meet, so had girls events between his events to catch his breath. Friday they run at Ankeny against 4A schools, so will have stiffer competition. (We are a 2A school)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Jeffrey Honored

__________I didn't stretch out the picture....That is the way it appeared on the school channel! (This is last years school picture) Right now he is more concerned with track....

Bathroom Finished for Now

The shower curtain and clock were hung today. The corner protectors are now on too. So we are finished for a couple weeks, when we can seal the grout between the tiles. The color of the cabinets that we painted is called coffee bean, but to me it looks like milk chocolate. (I need to soak the shower curtain so it can hang and dry out the wrinkles.) Anyway we have moved back in and everything is operational! New rug or two and curtains are being considered.