Monday, December 21, 2009

Report for Marg

I got out to LTC to try on yesterday about 4pm. Mom was napping in her chair and had to be convinced to try things on. "I don't need anything. I don't like to try on stuff!" (She is always crabby when she first awakens.) And was sure she didn't have time before supper @ 5. I have the robe sleeves turned under and have the pj's cut off and pinned to sew. The cookies were in her room and I figured they were from you. ??? I think I'll try to add a piece from what I cut off the pants to put in the V of the neckline. She hates bare necks and it still should slip over her head ok. The robe should really work well. It is nice soft material. (12-24) The cookies weren't from Marg. Who was the generous person that is not getting credit for a nice gift? (12/29- The cookies are from Stacey and family. Thank you, Stacey!)


  1. Don't take it personal Marg. I am sure she is happier than she looks in the pictures.

  2. I know, she looks cranky. But, I have been there when she has had to try on clothes. She is not happy at all!